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Ted Eveleth, Shares AvantGuard’s Success Story at the 2023 New York State Innovation Summit

AvantGuard, a leading pioneer in antimicrobial solutions, was thrilled to have our CEO, Ted Eveleth, participate in the New York State Innovation Summit, on October 16-17, 2023, at the Saratoga City Center. This event brought together visionaries, industry experts, and innovators to explore groundbreaking technologies driving business growth and fostering collaboration. We are grateful to have been part of this summit, underscoring our commitment to advancing science and creating a healthier and safer world.

Hosted by FuzeHub, the New York State Innovation Summit served as a platform to showcase and discover new and emerging technologies, fostering collaboration and introducing industry players to experts who can facilitate growth. The summit featured engaging sessions on various topics, including the Path to Growth, Workforce Development, Manufacturing Sustainability, and New York State Assets. Ted Eveleth, alongside distinguished panelists, delved into the transformative power of innovation and entrepreneurship. Showcasing AvantGuard’s impact in shaping the future of technology-led economic growth, Ted shared our unprecedented journey and success story. His leadership and insights have been instrumental in propelling AvantGuard to new heights and scientific advancements.

AvantGuard extends our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who planned, participated in and supported the New York State Innovation Summit. Together, we’re shaping a safer, healthier world through cutting edge technology and teamwork.


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