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We're pioneering a new era in surface protection.

AvantGuard’s mission is to be your first line of defense against all pathogens, bacteria, virus, fungi, and mold, on all surfaces, skin included, so we can reserve oral antibiotics for when we need them most.


Our History

Innovation is in our DNA.

AvantGuard is a Cornell University-based spin out company.  Originally founded as Halomine in 2018, we have been aggressively expanding on that original research and found assistance from world renown universities, programs, incubators, and scientists. In addition to licensing technology from Cornell University, we have also licensed N-halamine technology from Auburn University, where they have been working on N-halamine development for 30 years.

Our Team

Meet AvantGuard



Edward S. Eveleth

Ted is an experienced entrepreneur who has been CEO, COO, CFO, and Chairman in companies covering a broad range of technologies including medical devices, life science molecular tools, waste heat to energy conversion, new materials, and MEMS devices. Ted received a BA in Economics Phi Beta Kappa in three years from Union College and an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell University.



Dr. Marc Hein

Marc has a Ph.D. in polymer/organic chemistry from Texas A&M University and 30+ years of experience in new product development and commercialization.  Marc has led research groups and business development teams in a range of industries including PVC wire and cable, tier 1 automotive window systems, electronic circuit board laminates, offset printing chemicals, styrenic block copolymers, specialty pine chemicals and sustainable specialty chemicals. 


VP of Sales and Marketing

Michael Newell

Michael is an experienced entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience holding key leadership positions in U.S. Analytical Instruments, AT&T Capital Corporation, Inficon, Rheodyne, Empire State Health Solutions,  and IDEX Health and Science Technologies, managing sales, marketing, and business development efforts in North America, Europe, China, and Japan. Michael received a BS in Chemistry in three years from Union College.


VP of Technical Product Management

Dr. Vikram Kanmukhla

Vikram has a Ph.D. in Chemical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and has more than 15 years of experience in R&D, product development, and product scale up and commercialization in startup environments. He brings a vast knowledge of antimicrobial chemistry and experience integrating antimicrobial additives into a variety of synthetic polymers such as polyester, polypropylene in medical textiles to improve patient outcomes.


Director of Microbiology and Disinfectants

Dr. Carine Nkemngong

Carine Nkemngong is an accomplished microbiologist, widely recognized for her expertise in designing, testing, and enhancing antimicrobial interventions against a spectrum of bacterial challenges including planktonic bacteria, biofilms, and spore-forming anaerobes. She has over 9 years of experience, including serving as Sr. Innovation Scientist at Diversey and as a USDA-NIFA
Fellow, where she focused on elevating disinfection and sanitation practices within critical settings like food service, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Carine holds a Bachelor of Science in Botany and a Master of Science in Crop Protection from the University of Buea, along with a Doctorate in Food Science from Purdue University.

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