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The science

of surface protection.

Halomine™ is now AvantGuard™,
the cutting-edge of surface protection.

New look. Better technology.

AvantGuard is leading the development of disruptive, cutting-edge technologies that extend the efficacy of chlorine-based disinfectants to provide safe, long lasting, continuous protection against dangerous pathogens, ensuring a healthier and safer world.

We're leading the charge against a $100B problem.

Hospital acquired infections and food borne pathogens are a big problem and will only grow with increased drug resistance, translating into healthcare and societal costs for the foreseeable future.

Hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) sicken over 700K people a year in the US and cost society $41B a year.
Every year, drug resistant pathogens cost society over $20B a year in direct costs and $35B in lost productivity.
Each year, over 180M people in the US become ill with food borne illnesses, costing society $18B a year.

Current disinfectants only offer short term protection (15 min.) from dangerous pathogens.

Don't settle for short-lived protection.

Just imagine using a sunscreen or deodorant product that only lasts 15 minutes. As the age-old saying goes "There has to be a better way", and now there is.

Our Solution

Make every surface an antimicrobial surface.

AvantGuard technology effectively holds chlorine from standard (EPA registered) disinfectants on surfaces for as long as a month, extending the lifetime and overall utility of chlorine to continuously protect a variety of surfaces across a wide range of industries.

Our Products

Meet the future of long-term surface protection.

AvantGuard products for environmental surfaces can turn any surface into an antimicrobial surface by holding chlorine from store-bought disinfectants on surfaces in a safe and effective manner for as long as a month.


Our Technology

We use cutting-edge science to strengthen century old cleaning practices.

AvantGuard’s unique solutions can not only protect surfaces against pathogens for weeks or months, but also make surfaces easier to clean, resists adhesion, prevents fouling, and inhibits the formation of biofilms.

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