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Continual protection against pathogens when recharged daily or weekly

Welcome to the
new generation
of antimicrobial plastics additives.

AvantGuard365 can be blended into a wide variety of products and articles for healthcare, packaging, food and beverage production, consumers goods, automotive and transportation, and building and construction. AvantGuard365 is a polymeric additive that when paired with polymers including PVC, PP, PU, and others, creates a continually protected surface.


Safer products start with AG365

Extend your product offering by making your product safer, cleaner, and better smelling.

Used in conjunction with a chlorinated product, AvantGuard365 can keep chlorine working on material and fixed coating surfaces for days and weeks and can be easily recharged using regular household chlorine cleaning solutions. It can extend the efficacy of chlorine as a disinfectant with none of the issues of smell or corrosion. AvantGuard365 can not only protect against pathogens for weeks or months, but also make surfaces easier to clean, resist adhesion, prevent fouling, and inhibit the formation of biofilms in a wide variety of materials, making AvantGuard365 a unique residual antimicrobial fixed coating and material additive.

Why AvantGuard365?

Antimicrobial: Holds chlorine to kill a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and mold

Better Efficacy: Kills pathogens better than silver

Long-acting: One charge of chlorine can protect surface for a month

Compatibility: Can be used in a variety of fixed coatings and plastic materials

Long-term: Provides protection for years

Anti-fouling: Avoids debris build up

Non-irritating: Does not cause skin irritation to the touch for children and pets

Environmentally friendly: Potential to reduce the use of chlorine to accomplish your germ fighting goals

How AvantGuard365 works

AvantGuard365 goes to work for your product, and continues to go to work for weeks or months on end.


Apply Chlorinated Disinfectant to AvantGuard treated surface

Step 1
Step 2

Does not wipe off

Step 3

Chlorine kills pathogens

Step 4

Surface re-charges

Jump into continuous protection with AvantGuard365

Protect surfaces for days, weeks, or months with the same level of chlorine found in pools.


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