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Around the clock surface protection where it's needed most

Changing the game of antimicrobial protection.

AvantGuard247 is a revolutionary new product that is scientifically proven to prolong the effectiveness of chlorine-based disinfectants for up to a month.

A spray on, temporary coating, AvantGuard247 allows EPA-approved disinfectants registered to kill microorganisms in minutes to continue reducing those microorganisms for days and weeks. You can now protect your surfaces from bacteria and viruses between disinfection applications. 


Continuous surface protection in a bottle

Pathogens don't sleep.
Neither does AvantGuard247.

AvantGuard247 effectively holds chlorine from standard (EPA registered) disinfectants on surfaces for as long as a month, extending the lifetime and overall utility of chlorine to continuously protect a variety of surfaces.


Why AvantGuard247?

Antimicrobial: Holds chlorine to kill a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and mold

Long-acting: Single application of AvantGuard247 and chlorine can last a month

Compatibility: Creates a coating on a variety of surfaces

Non-irritating: Does not cause skin irritation to the touch for children and pets

Environmentally friendly: Potential to reduce the use of chlorine to accomplish your germ fighting goals

Effective: The only spray-based product to pass the EPA protocol with a 99.9% pathogen reduction.

How to use AvantGuard247

One added step before disinfecting can significantly extend surface protection. 

Simply spray the AvantGuard solution on a surface prior to using a standard chlorine disinfectant and experience the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your surfaces are protected from germs, viruses, and other pathogens.

Step 1

Apply AvantGuard

Step 2

Apply your standard chlorine disinfectant

GettyImages-863454254 (1).jpg
Step 3

Re-apply chlorinated disinfectant per usual

Extending the life of chlorinated disinfectants

Continuous protection for continuous peace of mind.

Typical chlorine disinfectants only work for about a 15 minutes. But, with AvantGuard applied first, a surface can retain the chlorine from standard disinfectants for as long as a month.

Without AvantGuard247


With AvantGuard247


Raising the standard of surface protection

The only spray-based product to pass the EPA protocol with a 99.9% pathogen reduction

In March of 2022, the EPA published data on tests of 20 antimicrobial coating products¹, and none of the spray-based products retained the required potency after being subjected to a simulation of a weeks worth of wear in service. 


In contrast, AvantGuard247 is able to withstand a month’s worth of simulated wear, achieving a 99.9% pathogen reduction and is the only spray-on product that has passed the EPA testing for any length of time.

¹Virucidal efficacy of antimicrobial surface coatings against the enveloped bacteriophage Φ6, Calfee et al. J Appl Microbiol . 2022 Mar;132(3):1813-1824. doi: 10.1111/jam.15339. Epub 2021 Nov 3

Jump into continuous protection with AvantGuard247

Protect surfaces for days, weeks, or months with the same level of chlorine found in pools.


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