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Research Specialist



We have an opening for a full-time Research Scientist with focus on microbiology and pathology. We are seeking a strong candidate who will provide expertise in the biological realm, which could include microbiology, histopathology, or biomedical engineering with an emphasis on the biology side. Under general direction of the Director of Research Operations, this individual would be largely responsible for the biological testing required to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our developing antimicrobial coating lines. This would include in vitro and in vivo approaches to assess various aspects such as antimicrobial efficacy, cytotoxicity and hemolytic activity, skin sensitization and irritation, inflammatory responses, etc. – as required by each product and the overseeing regulatory agency. Experience or expertise in regulatory or quality assurance would also be an asset.

Key Responsibilities:

·       Perform routine lab and equipment maintenance, such as cleaning glassware and equipment;  maintain proper labeling, handling, storage, use, and disposal of solutions, biohazard and hazardous waste, and microbiological cultures.
·       Conduct tests, assays, and other protocols, following SOPs quickly and accurately.
·       Utilize aseptic techniques during sample preparation and microbiological/chemical analyses.
·       May be expected to perform more complex scientific techniques, such as isolate and maintain various cell types in culture and perform studies involving animal models.
·       May work with hazardous chemicals and potentially pathogenic organisms.
·       Properly document procedural actions and record accurate data.
·       Manage time and tasks efficiently while maintaining an exceptional quality of work.
·       Think independently while working in a team environment.
·       Be detail oriented while understanding the big picture.
·       Review and research current literature as directed related to current research projects.
·       Make intellectual contributions to current research activities and contribute to the design of experiments and new techniques.
·       Analyze and/or summarize findings.


·       Four-year degree required, graduate degree preferred.
·       Preferred fields of expertise to include microbiology, biology, veterinary medicine, biomedical engineering, or related discipline.
·       Direct experiment with foodborne and bloodborne pathogenic bacteria is strongly preferred.
·       Experience or expertise in regulatory or quality assurance would also be an asset.







About Halomine, Inc.

Halomine, Inc. is a Cornell-based start-up company focused on developing novel high-performance and sustainable antimicrobial coating materials for food processing, healthcare, and consumer markets. Our team is comprised of talented chemists, material engineers, and biologists that are proven researchers and product innovation.

Advertised Salary:


Commensurate with skills and qualifications


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