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Halomine's CEO to present about Residual Antimicrobial Products at ISSA Show North America 2021

Halomine's CEO Ted Eveleth will present at the ISSA Show North America, Las Vegas in November 2021. The presentation, “Residual Antimicrobial Products: Opportunities, Evaluation, Decision Making” will review the option to provide residual antimicrobial properties to surfaces. Continuous protection is the next stage in the evolution of cleaning and has the potential to change the protocols and level of effort needed to keep surfaces free of pathogens and reduce infections. This session will review the biocides being used, the challenges of attaching them to surfaces, the trade-offs and issues involved with temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent coatings, the testing defined by the EPA to evaluate products, and the various factors in decision making on whether to employ any residual coatings in different venues. A preview of his talk is available in this video.

About Halomine

Halomine Inc. is a Cornell University-based spin out company founded in 2018 to develop a suite of innovative, long lasting antimicrobial products based on the use of N-Halomine technology licensed from Cornell University and Auburn University. Our first product, HaloFilm™, a chlorine extender, provides long lasting protection against viruses, bacteria, and molds in hospitals, schools, offices, mass transit, food processing, and more; wherever pathogens spread and endanger human health.

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About ISSA Show North America

The Mission of ISSA Show North America is to be the leading resource for information, education, innovation, networking, and commercial opportunities for firms within the worldwide cleaning industry. It’s where leaders gather to transfer knowledge and create cutting-edge solutions to push the industry forward. In doing so, we leverage the strength of a global community to change the way the world views cleaning – increasing the appreciation for cleaning as an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line.


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