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Device Strategies To Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

Decontaminating surface to avoid Norovirus
Image courtesy of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Nosocomial infections, commonly know as healthcare associated infections (HAIs) strike 1 in 31 hospital patients daily, but we can fight back! AvantGuard’s Ted Eveleth breaks it down in his latest article on Medical Design & Outsourcing.

The article takes an in depth look at:

  • The challenges and importance of preventing infections linked to medical devices in healthcare settings

  • The role of antimicrobial medical devices in reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

  • The emerging surface disinfection technologies adapted to safeguard medical devices against nosocomial infections

In this evolving landscape, AvantGuard is at the forefront, creating innovative solutions that provide long-term protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungi/mold on various surfaces and materials.

Ready to learn more? We invite you to take a deep dive into the future of healthcare, and discover how cutting-edge device design, sterilization, and cleaning techniques are changing the game.

About AvantGuard

AvantGuard™ is blurring the lines between antibiotics, antiseptics, and disinfectants, creating innovative solutions that manage surfaces, including skin, and provide long-term protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungi/mold. The company’s proprietary combinations of specialty molecules and polymers are customized to provide prolonged antimicrobial efficacy to a wide range of surfaces and materials, a $1B opportunity that is critical to ensuring a healthier and safer world.


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