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With HaloFilm™

HaloFilm™ | Chlorine Extender

HaloFilm is a disinfectant companion product that acts as a chlorine extender holding chlorine on a surface in a safe and effective manner. After being sprayed on, HaloFilm leaves behind a thin transparent film on plastics, glass, metals, rubber, leather, and even cloth. That film holds chlorine that comes from regular use of chlorinated sanitizers, disinfectants, bleaches, and cleaners. Normally, a chlorinated disinfectant will only kill bacteria and viruses for the 10-15 minutes that the disinfectant remains on the surface before being wiped off. HaloFilm does not wipe off a surface easily, and bonds to the chlorine providing continuous antimicrobial power.


Used in conjunction with a chlorinated product, HaloFilm can keep chlorine working on surfaces for days. On hard surfaces, it is possible to test for the presence of chlorine using the same tests people use to check for chlorine in a pool. Re-applying a chlorinated product to a HaloFilm protected surface will re-charge that surface with chlorine. HaloFilm probably needs to be re-applied weekly or monthly depending upon the disinfecting schedule.


  • Antimicrobial: Holds chlorine to kill a variety of pathogens

  • Long-acting: Single application of HaloFilm and chlorine can last a month

  • Compatibility: Creates film on hard and soft, porous and non-porous surfaces

  • Safe: Non-toxic and safe to the touch for children and pets

  • Environmentally friendly: Reduce the use of chlorine to accomplish the same level of sanitization

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HaloFilm Extends the Life of Your Chlorinated Disinfectant.

Typical chlorine disinfectants only work for about an hour. But with HaloFilm applied first, your chlorine disinfectant will work 24 hours, keeping your surfaces safe from bacteria and viruses.

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Germs are invisible, but HaloFilm provides protection you can see.

You can test for chlorine on your surface in the same way you test for chlorine in a pool or fish tank. Instead of dipping a chlorine test strips in a pool, simply  get them wet and rub them on your surface. If the tab turns blue, there is chlorine. This feature allows you to know that your surfaces have chlorine and therefore are fighting germs.

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How to Use HaloFilm

Step 1

Apply HaloFilm

Spray lightly over surface and let dry for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Apply Your Favorite Chlorinated Disinfectant

HaloFilm keeps you protected from germs for weeks on high-touch environments

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Step 3

Re-apply Chlorinated Disinfectant Per Usual

HaloFilm deters bacteria and viruses for up to 30 days.

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