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Next Generation Fixed Coating System That Safeguards Articles From Pathogens.

With HaloAdd™

HaloAdd™ | Antimicrobial Plastics Additive

HaloAdd is the next generation of antimicrobial plastics additives for a wide variety of products and articles for healthcare, packaging, food and beverage production, consumers goods, automotive and transportation, and building and construction. HaloAdd is a polymeric additive that can be blended into a wide variety of polymers including PVC, PP, PU, and others. Used in conjunction with a chlorinated product, HaloAdd can keep chlorine working on plastic surfaces for days and weeks and can be easily recharged using regular household chlorine cleaning solutions. It can extend the efficacy of chlorine as a disinfectant with none of the issues of smell or corrosion. HaloAdd can not only protect against pathogens for weeks or months, but also make surfaces easier to clean, resist adhesion, prevent fouling, and inhibit the formation of biofilms in a wide variety of materials, making HaloAdd a unique residual antimicrobial fixed coating.


  • Antimicrobial: Kills pathogens better than silver

  • Anti-fouling: Avoids debris build up

  • Long-term: Provides protection for years

  • Compatible: Can be used with a variety of plastics


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